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 Welcome to Amber Communications Group, Inc. (ACGI ) the nation’s largest African American Publisher of Self-Help Books and Music Biographies, the home of Amber Books and Colossus Books.  Through 12 years in business, ACGI has sold over one million books.

License our in-demand music biographies from our book list or shop our current released books on the website, iTunes, Amazon and more. 

Over the years we have published a number of titles with expansion in mind…and are currently shopping scripts for these titles.

New Kids On The Block – Treatment and Script available.

Rick James – Treatment and Script available – In production.

Destiny’s Child – Treatment and Script available.


The best kept secret is out! ACGI is famous throughout the world for its reputation as the largest African American publisher of entertainment biographies and self-help books!

Our music catalogue of books is the leading independent source of Music Biographies of celebrities in the spotlight from the 70s, 80s, 90s and today and is available for all your worldwide licensing needs. Our company’s treasure trove of books and eBooks, include entertainers such as:

Lil’ Wayne, Michael Jackson, Prince, Eminem, Rick James, New Kids on the Block, Black Eyed Peas, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Dr. Dre, Jay Z, 50 Cent, Tupac Shakur, Kanye West, Ol’ Dirty Bastard, Notorious B.I.G., R. Kelly, Suge Knight, Beyonce, Aaliyah, Christina Aguilera, Destiny’s Child, Alicia Keyes and many more. We have been acquiring content for over 12 years and are adding new material all the time!

We pride ourselves in customer service, and working with you one-on-one on your specific project needs. We offer an effective and efficient alternative to the major book publishers, with fast response times and affordable pricing.

Whether you need to license a book for your country/territory or for filem/television rights, just let us know your project objectives and budget, and we will work to find you the perfect book. Take a look at some of our past projects.


K-tel International

Columbia Pictures

John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

Trans World Japan, Inc.

Black Expressions Book Club



Are you an author that wrote a music or film biography in the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s or even today? Whether it was a best-seller or not, if you are now ‘out of contract’ with the publisher we would love to hear from you!

If you own the rights to your book or book catalog we would be interested in acquiring these rights…

Or. If your book-catalog remains ‘in contract’ with another publisher and if it’s out of print or you’re frustrated by the lack of current activity on it, we would be interested in putting your book in production to revise or to update your old manuscript with additional content!

We operate on a global basis, and will actively pitch your book for licensing as a book or eBook or for book and television book rights… the list of possibilities goes on and on.

By signing to ACGI we can help sell, license and distribute your titles around the world, like we do for our other best-selling authors.


For further information please contact us at

ACGI has sold over a million books and has over 30 years of international licensing experience.

We know how to market and license entertainment products!


How come ACGI has so many entertainers that the major publishers also represent?
As well as ACGI’s on-going acquisition of unauthorized biographies (whereby we acquire the rights to the books from authoritative authors) since the late 1990s, ACGI has been acquisitioning authors to research and write about the lives of specific music entertainers. The ACGI staff actively solicits sells and licenses these new versions of entertainment biographies.

Why should I license from ACGI instead of the major publisher where a book is available from both parties?
As ACGI is a small, hands-on company, we are able to respond to your request almost immediately, without the need for a decision to be approved by several departments, which can take months.

ACGI is also in a position to offer you a more competitive deal, as we don’t have to support a huge major publishing corporation with all the associated costs!

How long will it take to finalize a deal and get a contract, book, ebook or script?  Once we’ve provisionally agreed to a deal to license a book or ebook or a script for your territory, a contract will be issued and sent to you for signature within a few working days.

How does ACGI know what’s right for my project?
The licensing team at ACGI have a background that spans every single genre of book and music publishing from the 1980s right up to today.

They know the Amber / Colossus Books catalogue inside out, and have a thorough understanding of what book is right for each project, be it a film or television program or project.

I have a particular entertainer in mind, but they are not listed in ACGI’s cataloguewhat options do I have? Contact the ACGI team anyway as we may be able to suggest a similar alternative that is available from our catalogue or we may be able to requisition an author to write a script or manuscript on your behalf.


The dedicated ACGI team loves books!  Tell us all about your project, and in less than 48 business hours we will come back with book title or manuscript suggestions, at no cost to you!

We will work with you one on one to find the book that is right for your territory, film and television project and your price. Our research team at ACGI has a background that spans every single genre of current book titles from the 1960s right up to today. Whether it is a book compilation, film and television or television commercial – No project is too big or too small. We offer an effective and efficient alternative to the major book publishers, with fast response times and affordable pricing.

Search our site, or contact us directly, we are here to help you find the perfect book or script for your project.

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Attention: Book Publishers / Self-Publishers / Authors.

Amber Communications Group, Inc. has been in the

book publishing business for twelve years.

Over one million books sold and licensed worldwide.

  • First African American Book Publisher to have an imprint/co-publishing contract with John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
  • Over 25 titles licensed to Black Expressions Book Club.
  • Executive Director and Co-Founder, The African American Pavilion at BookExpo America, 2004-2013
  • First African American book publisher to do TV Commercials.
  • First African American Book Publisher to have a literary television show(“Literary Living”) on the Black Family Channel)
  • TV Advertising will be used to promote ebooks for downloading.

If you have entertainment books (biographies about major music & film celebrities, etc.) that you wish to license as ebook downloads, contact Amber Communications Group, Inc.. Your book(s) will be made available for purchase and promoted on television internationally.

Your titles will be distributed with over 100 major international download stores.

Advances available.

For more information, email or phone the contact person shown below:

Tony Rose –

Or call: 602-743-7211